Springfield's Canada Day Celebrations 2016

Springfield Canada Day

Come and celebrate Springfield Canada Day in Dugald, Manitoba on Friday July 1st. Springfield Canada Day will start at 6 pm til dark.

Comittee Members

Trinda Barton     Sandie King 

Rob Macdonald   Lisa Woods

We are looking for more people to join our comittee. Comittee is volunteer driven. If interested in joining , please contact anyone of the comittee members. Or email at canadaday@hotmail.ca


We are looking for people to sell their wares of Fresh produce, crafts or flea market items at our

Canada Day celebration on Friday July 1st   from  6 pm till dark in Dugald, MB. Call 853-7349




 We need many volunteers to help us put on Canada Day Celebrations. 

Bake a pie or danites

Volunteer at booth such as canteen , choice auction ,etc.

Donate a choice auction prize


Sandie King /Volunteer Director